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Staff Training Event VETExpress 1: how to help teachers to successfully apply the European ECVET system in the Vocational Training. 


From 3 to 10 March 2018, a training action about the ECVET system was developed in Seville, aimed at teachers and trainers, with the aim of explaining the ECVET credit system and facilitating the application of this system in Vocational Training.

The VETEXpress project has, as one of its objectives, the development of an implementation guide of the ECVET system which aims mainly at trainers and teachers, as a facilitating tool to guide the application of the credit transfer system (ECVET) between European countries.

The training action was developed according to a broad program, which explained to the assistants what the project consisted of, the different education systems of the member countries (Turkey, Germany, Italy and Spain), what the ECVET system was and its legal basis, how to implement such a system before, during and after mobility, as well as examples of good practices in the use of ECVET in participating countries.

On March 5, the explanation of the project was devoted, as well as the presentation of the different educational system of each partner country.

On March 6, the on-line platform of the project was presented, which will be the training tool that will be made available to the educational community. On the same day, European policies regarding ECVET (Eu 2020 Goals) were explained, as well as what ECVET and EQF are.

On March 7, a vocational training center for employment was visited, belonging to the training schools of the Andalusian Employment Service, located in Cádiz, with experience in the development of vocational practices in Europe through Leonardo da Vinci projects – Erasmus Plus.

On March 8, the fundamental content of the guide was developed, such as the necessary steps for mobility: Before, during and after. The different tools that should be used in the development of a European mobility were also explained: Memorandum of Understanding, Learning Agreement, Assesment Documents, Personal Transcript, Europass and the European Skills Passport.

Finally, on March 9, different examples of good practices of application of the ECVET system developed in the participating countries, as well as practical exercises based on the use of ECVET tools, were made evident.

The result of the training has been very satisfactory and the level of involvement and participation on the part of the trainers and assistant teachers was very high.

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